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Aggresive AI Behaviour

May 10, 2022

Aggresive AI Behaviour


This project explores and experiments with ideas related to AI behaviour in games. The scope of the project was to implement an example of AI behaviour using state machines and fuzzy logic. The behaviour of the AI was inspired partially by the interaction between Super Mario and Big Boo in the game Super Mario World.

Essentially the AI for Big Boo is aware of its proximity to Mario and whether Mario is looking at them. This project implemented similar interactions between a player and an AI bot in a 2D game. The project creates a small demo of an AI bot that reacts to the position of a player and changes its behaviour with a state machine and fuzzy logic controller. Internally, this project utilises several open-source libraries for implementing the fuzzy logic controller (@thi.ng/fuzzy) and visualizing the charts (@thi.ng/fuzzy-viz). The demo can be viewed and played on the web, and the source code is available on GitHub.

Source Code: Github Repo
Live Demo: Aggressive AI Bot Experiment