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Hover League

November 15, 2021

Hover League


HoverLeague is a 3D physics game inspired by hoverboards and RocketLeague. The game design began with experiments with hoverboard physics and isometric camera angles and later evolved into a small platform with balls, walls, and goals. The game mechanics involve a player that appears as a hoverboard to move quickly around a stadium filled with bouncy balls and attempt to coordinate both speed and timing to score a goal. Though the player must be careful not to get too carried away, or else they may score against themselves.

The game implements various scripts that leverage common game resources and the foundation of the Unity 3D physics system. Unity also provides the game with configuration for collisions detection between different layers and a simple way to pause the game. And with the new input system provided by Unity, future versions of the game will be compatible with console controllers. Overall, Unity enabled a simple game idea to evolve quickly and lead to satisfying results.

Game Page: Itch.io
Gameplay Video: Hover League