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Maze Path Planner

March 21, 2022

Maze Path Planner


The goal of this project was to create a maze path planner and visualiser, along with a few different mazes and several path planning techniques. The results of the visualiser will be used to illustrate the behaviour of each path planning technique for each maze layout. Additional commentary will be provided in the demo video while utilising the visualiser.

Notes about the visualiser: • The green cell is the starting position • The red cell is the finishing position • While traversing the maze, the current cell is marked by an “X” • Each traversed maze cell will be highlighted in yellow • The final solution path will be highlighted in purple

Internally, this project utilises several open-source libraries to represent data structures like graphs (Graphology) and heaps (Heaps-js). Additionally, this project is inspired by the illustrations of maze path planning found in the Harvard CS50X - Intro AI Course. Specifically, I created the project’s maze layouts based on the designs shown in this course video, but I wrote the code myself.

Source Code: Github Repo
Live Demo: Maze Walker Experiment