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February 28, 2023


What is Nette?

  • Nette is a Research OS for the web that is designed to be a tool for discovery, exploration, and connection of our intricate thoughts into a digital garden.

Why make Nette?

  • Nette was made for independent notetakers and researchers and was designed as an experimental tool for weaving between topics and kickstarting the research process.
  • Nette gives people a space to collect and organize enriched blocks of information that help represent a map of one’s ideas and provides a platform for sharing the cultivation of this deep work.

Who was I at Nette?

  • At Nette, I was software engineer focused on the UI and UX for the Research OS powered by Nette’s custom web canvas.
  • I joined the Nette team to pursue my personal goals of developing tasteful and unique experiences during notetaking and throughout the ideation process of a researcher.
  • My fascination with the abstract design process of shaping one’s ideas into novel experiments motivated me to join Nette and get hands-on experience building a 2D canvas for notes and composable blocks of information.
  • My role at Nette involved interacting with a small team of Clojurists, where we harnessed elegant tools to build user interfaces and manage workspaces of information for Nette’s eager fans.


Learn More

If you want to read more about Nette visit the website.