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Oracle of Light

January 17, 2022

Oracle of Light


The game is a story that is delivered through character interactions and dialogue. The player is presented with an outer space environment, where the main characters are planets and stars. The idea of the game is to tend to the stars that have weakened in their light and belief. The intention is to create an experience for the player that involves reading poetry, philosophical quotes, and spiritual teachings. It also consists of the player actively sharing these ideas with other characters in the game.

The spiritual teachings and wisdom in the game are based on the book called “The Prophet”, written by Kahil Gilbran, and celebrates its public domain status. In the future, I would like to incorporate more spiritual teachings into the game, though this was a good foundation for the prototype. Ideally, the game would evolve into a proper habit-based app, where a player continuously nurtures the other characters by communicating the game based wisdom. At the moment, this game demonstrates the narrative experience and aesthetics of the concept.

Game Page: Itch.io
Gameplay Video: Oracle of Light